Stubica the hive which are subject to decay. Should be changed periodically, or we will have average. I suggest this - eternal, because it never should zamenjivati. Law of the waste material and is therefore cheap. With me is already in use ten years and I am very satisfied. Bottle of acidic water (Vrnjci) Charge betonom with small pebbles. In the center, through the bolt, when you have izbušili, make a piece of concrete iron (rebrastog) diameter 12 mm (detail a) a

length on request. Me iron viri 25 cm. When the thighs to deceive sparing of the piece, which will lie lath (detail B). This support can be solved and different but to leave you. To set this Stubica-Foč izbušimo holes in the appropriate diameter. Construction svdla published in the following attachment.
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Oslonac za letvu Oslonac za letvu Nosac-Gvozdje fi 12mm. Prakticna primena Prakticna primena Telo stubica


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