Sto-hrastovina Stolicica-KLIKNI

Versions of these tables certainly are. Try this version because it can be realized in a short period of time.
   Larger diameter of the tree create a table by chainsaw chop off a piece of the height of about 20 santimetra. From the bottom izbušite hole diameter 20 mm, under certain angle. The angle set yourself and try to angle the same for all holes. Grinding or hacksaw departments scissors tubes of 3 / 4 cola, according to the length of your discretion. Pipe type, larger hammer, and then the bottom edge of the correct departments in relation to the surface.
Create a small stool in a similar way but use smaller diameter timber and use scissors tubes 1 / 2 cola. Scissors ofarbaje mild for a metal table and chairs, with the upper hand, lakirajte transparent varnish for wood