Transfer hive is a difficult and responsible job. There are different models of gear but I think that this is most simply and most. With this support simply include both sides of the hive and carry it. So no navlačenja through the hive. Cover hive is not necessary to move to set the carrier in the operating position.
Carrier is made of firika 10x10. Set at the end of the round handle of the pipe 1 / 2 cola. Joints to create a detail "A". On the part of the hive cover slip Rubber hoses that will contribute to the resistance to shearing. In addition there is one bolt that is at the end of sharp and also contributes to security in the transmission. In the middle of the rack welded firik 10x10 that is parallel to the hive when the carrier in the work position (10x10x20). He serves to prevent distortion carrier when it is in the function.


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PAKTIČAN carrier Beehive