Innovations are the kind of creativity. Sometimes obuzmu man so that he constantly thinks to some things could look better, more useful and upotrebljivije. They are the internal needs of the individuals that it promptings to explore, experiment and create. This need not Umar, the against, gives pleasure and relax innovators.
     Inovatorstvo is not taught in schools, what was in man, the individual, as a natural gift that contributes to the innovators to help realize their ideas, or discover that some other individuals have such skills.
You may not have such abilities. Discover them yourself or allow friends to point out that they have.
      Innovations, which are given here, you can realize your needs and not to consult the author of the web site. If somewhere zapne that I help you. For those who do not have time to build that I have to realize some of these tools and devices. My e-mail address is: dule@dual.rs. Zadovoljsvtvo that we will cooperate.
      Author: Dusan Stojkovic, Krusevac